Professional Liability

Protect Yourself and Your Personal Assets

As the name implies, professionals are expected to act in a professional manner and deliver professional results. However, sometimes errors, omissions, or other unintentional acts occur, and when they do, you want to be sure that all you have worked for is not taken away by a lawsuit.

In an increasingly litigious business environment, professional liability insurance, often called errors and omissions liability insurance or malpractice insurance, is a necessary component of any business owners’ risk management plan.

Who Needs Professional Liability Insurance?

Ideally, any business owner who provides business or retail services to clients or customers should have professional liability insurance to protect his or her business and personal assets. In fact, today, most business contracts require professional liability coverage as a necessary provision. In some circumstances, such as when securing financing to acquire or start a business, lenders may also require that you carry professional liability insurance.

Whatever the reason, Butwin Insurance Group can provide you the peace of mind that you and your company are protected against claims of negligence, professional fraud, or failing to deliver the highest level of professional services.