Classic / Collectible Autos

Insurance That’s as Unique as the Vehicle You Own

A classic or collectible car insurance policy is so much different than your standard auto insurance policy in that it includes specialized coverage designed to protect your classic or collector car. Best of all, it costs more than 40% less than a standard auto policy.

At Butwin Insurance Group, our goal is to offer our clients a tailored insurance plan that is as unique as the classic or collectible car you own. Working closely with Hagerty, the world’s leading classic-auto insurance carrier, Butwin Insurance Group will help you determine the coverage you need to protect your investment and to provide the best insurance coverage to meet your needs.

To be eligible for insurance on a classic, collector, vintage or antique cars or trucks, it must be parked in a garage, used as an extra car, not your everyday vehicle, and kept in good working condition.

What Types of Cars Are Covered?

Antique Cars  •  Classic Trucks  •  Vintage Cars  •  Collector Cars  •  Hot Rods  •  Street Rods  •  Exotic Cars  •  Luxury Cars  •  Muscle Cars

Here are Just Some of the Benefits of a Classic or Collector Car Policy:

Guaranteed Value™ Coverage

Just tell us your classic car’s value, and we’ll agree on a total payout number.

Original Replacement Parts Coverage

When you own a classic car you want to replace parts with “original” replacement parts. Hagerty offers access to stock original replacement parts for most vehicles and it’s included at no extra cost with your classic or vintage car insurance policy.

The Freedom of Flexible Usage

With a Hagerty policy, you have the freedom to drive the way you want – to collector vehicle club functions, exhibitions, tours, and even on pleasure trips.