Mergers & Acquisitions

The Opportunity to be “Better Together”

You have spent the better part of your life building your business. People sell or merge their businesses usually only once in their lifetime. At Butwin Insurance Group, we’re always looking for great agencies, and – more importantly – great people, as prospective merger or acquisition partners.

We appreciate how important a decision selling your agency can be, both financially and personally. While price is important, it’s often not the most critical part of a deal. In fact, the true price of a business is usually not known when the contract is signed, but on the last day of the agreement. What may be more important is how an agreement is structured to help you achieve your short-term and long-term goals.

  • If you decide to sell, we’ll exchange your valuable business asset for another valuable asset – cash
  • If you decide to join us, we will approach this new relationship with the expectation that we will be “better together” – creating more opportunity for business growth and financial success by working together than apart
  • You may choose to work full-time, part-time or wish to immediately retire
  • We will deliver and manage all back-office services and staffing needs
  • We will make payments to your existing agency so that you can retain the benefits of owning your own company

We are experts in integration. Your office will be fully up and running on the first day of our deal. As was the case with the eight acquisitions we’ve made to date: The Pall Agency; Hersh & Braverman; The Gorham Agency; Corak & Guthart; Hamilton, Levy & MillerThe Jackson Agency and Herman E. Wealcatch, Inc., Private Client Group.

Here Are Just Some of the Personal and Professional Benefits of Trusting Your Firm to the Butwin Insurance Group:

A Better Quality of Life

  • The ability for more time off with a clear head
  • No responsibility in running an office or managing a staff
  • Potential reduction in responsibility for servicing clients (as you choose)
  • More time to prospect and sell (as you choose)

Increased Client Services and Support

  • Access to preferred relationships with the nation’s leading business and personal lines carriers
  • Broader agency expertise and deeper staffing to support clients’ needs
  • More support when you or others are out of the office
  • Improved office automation and access to the latest technology