Renters Insurance

Just Because You Rent, You Should Still Protect What You Own

Even if you don’t own the house or apartment where you live, you still need insurance protection for your personal belongings. Your landlord is not responsible for protecting your belongings, you are. Renters insurance, also known as tenants insurance, can protect your personal property against fire, theft and vandalism.

Your Coverage is Much the Same as a Homeowners Insurance Policy and Includes:

  • Replacement Coverage – will allow you to receive the full purchase price of lost items
  • High-Value Item Coverage – can extend protection beyond your basic policy limits for expensive items such as jewelry and computers

A critical reason for obtaining a renters insurance policy is to protect your personal property – that includes anything in your apartment or home that isn’t physically part of the property itself. You likely have a lot of money invested in things like clothing, jewelry, silverware, electronics, furniture, etc., so they are clearly worth protecting.

One more reason to obtain renters insurance is to protect you from personal liability should someone who is visiting or delivering something to your rented home seriously injures themselves, and a lawsuit is pursued. The right renters insurance policy will cover the costs of fighting such lawsuits and any medical expenses incurred.

For These Reasons, Butwin will Typically Recommend a Renters Insurance Policy That Includes:

  • Personal Property Protection – covers the loss or damage of your personal belongings
  • Family Liability Protection – provides legal representation and protection against judgments
  • Guest Medical Protection – covers medical costs for visitors injured at your rented home
  • Additional Living Expenses – reimbursement for costs of temporary housing during repairs or reconstruction

Butwin Insurance Group will work with you to design the right renters insurance policy that will provide the best and most thorough protection to meet your unique needs.

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