Personal Package Policies

Benefit-Rich Coverage in One Convenient Policy

A personal package policy from Butwin Insurance Group combines your personal insurance policies, usually issued independent of each other, into one simple and convenient package. This can include homeowners, automobile, boat/yacht, umbrella and other policies like valuables insurance.

Beyond this comprehensive, yet simple approach to coverage, the benefits of a personal package policy are many:

  • Policy Savings – save with additional discounts, credits and combined deductibles
  • More Coverage – so you can get the protection you need
  • Simplified Policy Tracking – one effective date for all policies
  • Time Savings – one bill, one set of documents
  • One Company – Butwin Insurance Group to manage all of your personal insurance needs

A Butwin personal package policy can offer you better coverage at a better value than individual policies. Ask your Butwin representative if creating a Personal Package Policy is right for you.