Butwin Commercial Market Program Testimonials

I didn’t realize how much BUTWIN could do for me, and I will be thinking of BUTWIN a lot more now. I couldn’t be happier with the quote turnaround time and with the follow up on the proposal. – Eric Heckman, Agent (MD)

Thanks much for getting back to me so promptly; the client is very happy!

Here at our Agency we really appreciate your efficiency and professionalism. This is not the first time that you had assisted us with new business and existing accounts issues always fulfilling ours and [most importantly] client’s expectations. Please convey our satisfaction to your supervisors. It’s a pleasure doing business with you! -Kathleen M. Gutierrez, Agent (NY)

Thank you so much for the prompt action regarding the commercial auto policy applied for yesterday afternoon and bound prior to 9am this morning, WOW. Your exceptional staff at Butwin has been great. My first encounter with KAITLIN yesterday afternoon was as pleasant as it gets and extremely productive. Her diligence in delivering a proposal by end of business day was exemplary.

I work regularly with Chad Hamilton in writing business through your various markets for Artisan Contractors Insurance. Chad is the man. He is always diligent in his efforts and never lets me down. I am always calling with a request to expedite proposals and the binding of policies. He never lets me down.

I know that I am a pain in the rear end and your staff never lets on to that fact and I love that. Thank you for your help and if there is anything I can do for the Butwin staff, I would be more than happy to do so. -Robert G. Watmuff, Agent (PA)

BUTWIN’s customer service and rates are the best! -James Jackson, Agent (NY)

It is great to do the business with you and your fastest and efficiently service is highly appreciated. -Laura Chen, Agent (NY)

Thank You. Very impressed !! with the quote and the service. -Laura Rigano, Agent (NY)

Thank you for following up next week on this matter. Have a good weekend. I really appreciate the service your team offers, and I have noticed the improvements over the past several years. Please show this email to the Butwin brothers to let them know that the efforts of the entire company are appreciated by this producer. -Robert C. Smith, Agent (CT)

Working with BUTWIN is fast and easy. Their system works! -Peter D’Amato, Agent

Writing Artisan Contractors with BUTWIN couldn’t be easier, and Certificates are issued within the hour! -Yannis Sidakis, Agent

We tried all 3 brokering agents. We only use BUTWIN. CERTIFICATES very fast! QUOTES very fast -Raisa Mikhlina, Agent

Service is phenomenal -Kevin Meyer, Agent

To begin with, I would like to thank you again for your help with this account. I am fairly new to Commercial Insurance and you definitely made the learning process easy. -Maria Melnik, Agent

You guys are so nice and so good. Thank you. Just wanted to let you know. -Tukendorf Agency

One of the great benefits of The Commercial Market Program is that it very often gives you the opportunity to get your foot in the door. -Dick McKenna, Agent

You have a great team ! Thanks for all you do -Suzanne Saramak , Agent

You should be hired out to do magic tricks at parties, too! Many thanks! -Bruce Pressler, Agency Owner

Thanks for the quick response that you guys give. -Donovan McBeans, Agent

We are very pleased with your agency’s quick turnaround time on our leads. -Yasmin Kvetan, Agent

Thanks!! Your office really is the best! -Jean-Paul Gaumar, Agent

Thank you for all of your help today! My customer is going to try to make it in later today with her check for the policy. SOLD!! Yaaaay!…Have a good weekend and I look forward to working with you in the future! -Linda Washburn, Agent

I do want to thank you for your time and hard work on this account and all the others that you have helped me with. I look forward to working with you again. -Patricia L. Scott, Agent

I really appreciate the great service you provide every time, Thank you. I would like your supervisors email address and name so I can make sure that they know what an asset you are to them and the company. I mean it, I’m not blowing smoke. -Mark Pavlicek, Agent

BUTWIN is very responsive, fast, & easy! -John Cristaldi, Agent

The Butwin Button is the best marketing tool I ever seen and puts BUTWIN ‘one ahead’ of everyone. -Luis Ponce, Agent

Ya’ll went above and beyond. -Michael Frank, Agent

The ButwinBUTTON, Phenomenal idea, forget even all the benefits it has, it is just a really intelligent idea -Rajeev Aery, Agent

We’re always going to Butwin first, because you have been so helpful! You can tell your bosses that! -Barbara Rogers, Joann Garrison’s agency

Absolutely LOVE the button! I wish could hook it up to a helium balloon so it would float around and I could just press it. It even serves as a light during the late hours of the night!
-David Duggan, Agent

I love Butwin! Thanks!” -Lynn R. Sullivan, Agent

You guys are so nice and so good. Thank you. Just wanted to let you know.  -Tukendorf Agency

It is incredibly rare to have such speed and responsiveness from an agency.  -Edgar Allen, Agent

Love the Butwin Button. -Keith Hansen, Agent

You all are so wonderful and a joy to work with. -Dawn Jordan-Wells, Agent

BUTWIN is very personable and a pleasure to work with. -Shakira Green, Agent

The quote/new business process has been the best with you guys. -Steve Fenstemaker

As usual your customer service is the best…I appreciate your prompt attention to this accts problem. I am sure you deal with situations all day like mine, but you never hesitate to get things done quickly and correctly. -Mary Smith, Agent

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