A Fond Farewell to a Firm Favorite

Roberta Berman began her storied career at Butwin Insurance Group on October 12, 1983.

And so it is with heartfelt gratitude and sincere appreciation, that I announce Roberta’s retirement from Butwin effective April 5, 2018 – after nearly 35 years with our firm.

Roberta started with Butwin as a part-time claims assistant and rose to be one of the most valuable members of our firm. She retires as:

  • Executive Vice President of Commercial Lines
  • Account Executive – managing some of our largest and most important clients
  • Claims Manager – responsible for the management of our claims operations
  • Leadership Team Member
  • Special Friend – to her co-workers, and certainly, to me and my family

Roberta began her career at Butwin using a typewriter, Xerox machine, 6-part folders, carbon paper, and other historical technology. She leaves Butwin with a totally paperless office, working from home on snow days, assistants supporting her from China, and client e-mails accessible from her iPhone 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. She is the only non-family member to work with all three generations of Butwins at our firm.

During her tenure, Roberta and I personally shared my own engagement, wedding, and the birth of my children. We enjoyed the Bar-mitzvahs and weddings of her children and my own. We celebrated the birth of her grandchildren and the announcement of mine to arrive shortly. While in between it all we shared the loss of people near and dear to our hearts. It’s safe to say, Roberta’s family became part of my family.

In early January, we surprised Roberta with a party to kick off what we’ve dubbed “Retirement Tour 2018.” The event was attended by our staff, family, and friends (although some were too young to stay awake for the picture…LOL!)

Retirement Tour 2018 - Roberta

Roberta will be retiring together with Barry, her husband of over 49 years. I expect they will spend most of their newfound time with their family, especially their grandchildren.

The truth is, few people have the pleasure of writing a letter like this one. On behalf of my family, the members of our firm, and each and every one of the hundreds of clients that she has given “drop-everything service” to over the years, I want to wish Roberta continued health and happiness for years to come. I also want to personally thank her for the significant contributions she has made to our business, but especially for enriching my life and the life of my family over nearly 35 years.

As Butwin Insurance Group celebrates its 94th year, our history would not be complete without a long discussion of the professional and personal contributions of Roberta Berman. Roberta, you may be leaving us, but you will never be replaced!

Richard S. Butwin
President & CEO

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