Understanding Mergers and Acquisitions

“Opportunities arise when the right people get together”

We are looking for people and agencies with fine reputations to merge into ours. You may retain ownership of your accounts or sell. You may continue working full-time, part-time or retire. We will provide and manage all back office services and staffing needs. We will make payments to your existing agency so that you retain the benefits of owning your own company. We will tailor your responsibilities or retirement around your desires.

If you sell, you will exchange a valuable asset, your business, for another valuable asset, cash.

If you join us, we should mutually do so with the realistic expectation that together we will become wealthier over time because we will have better opportunities together than apart.

We are experts in integration. Your office will be fully up and running on the 1st day of our deal. We have made 6 acquisitions, 2 since November 2014: The Pall Agency, Hersh & Braverman, The Gorham Agency, Corak & Guthart, Hamilton, Levy & Miller and The Jackson Agency.

Imagine this: Plenty of markets, no expenses, no employees, no management responsibilities, no production pressures from carriers.

“We always behave exactly as promised, both because we have so promised and because we must in order to maintain our reputation, which we are enormously proud of”

Why Us?


  • We directly represent: Chubb, Hartford, Travelers, CNA, AIG, ACE, Encompass, Hanover, Amtrust, Philadelphia, Utica First, Progressive, Adirondack, Applied Underwriters, Fireman’s Fund and several Captive Insurance companies
  • You may increase your book’s income from placing more accounts in standard markets and cross-selling
  • You will have increased competitiveness and clout from more markets on renewals and new opportunities


  • You will have the ability for more time off…with a clear head
  • We will provide you with perpetuation and cash out
  • You will not have the responsibility of running an office or staffing
  • Your employees will live in a more enjoyable work environment with modern facilities, more interaction and comradery
  • Both you and your staff will enjoy working more BETTER SERVICE TO YOUR CLIENTS
  • Your clients will get additional expertise, deeper staffing and an overall more professional experience
  • There will be more backup when you or others are out of the office
  • Faster turnaround from service requests such as Certificates of Insurance
  • Quicker response time to questions both in and out of the office from State-of-the-Art automation
  • Staffing in China for round the clock processing


  • We use Applied Systems and are paperless including virtually no outgoing mail. Not a daily or live file cabinet in the office!
  • CSR 24 for natural disasters and blackouts
  • Large screen TVs, video conferencing (in the office and during client visits), conference call-in rooms and signature conference facilities

“The partner you choose will determine if the outcome exceeds or falls short of your expectations”

You have spent the better part of your lifetime building your business. Selling your business or dramatically changing your operations is one of the most difficult decisions in an entrepreneur’s life. People sell or merge their business usually only once, in an emotionally charged atmosphere with multiple pressures coming from different directions. The fact that your decision is so important, both financially and personally to you can make the process more, rather than less, prone to error. Mistakes made in the once-ina-lifetime decision are not reversible. The formula/price is very important, but often it is not the most critical aspect of the transaction.

The most important question is “WHO DO YOU MAKE A DEAL WITH?”

The Integration of your business, honesty, accurate & timely payments, retention, cross-selling, increasing commission and the ability to deal with problems & opportunities are issues that will probably weigh more heavily than ‘the formula’ when determining how much money you earn during the term of the contract and your satisfaction with the deal.

HOW DO YOU MAKE THE CORRECT DECISION? We believe that interviewing others who were in your shoes will put you in the best position for this decision. We encourage you to ask any person we have previously made a deal with, any current or past employee or any insurance company any question about us. Ask about our performance versus our promises. We will be proud to be judged by their private independent answers.

It is not just about the formula!

“Give my son your insurance business or I don’t buy meat from you any more” Rebecca Butwin to Joe Brick, the butcher, 1925

In 1925 Nathan Butwin’s mother Rebecca threatened to take her business elsewhere if the neighborhood butcher did not buy insurance from her son. Joe Brick became his first client. It was also the first and only time extortion was necessary to get or keep a client. Butwin Insurance Group services over 10,000 companies and individuals in our state-of-the–art offices. We always draw on our historic strengths while at the same time abandoning comfortable routines when new opportunities require fresh thinking. Our reputation for honesty, intelligent thinking and being proactive precedes us in a competitive marketplace. We have been cited in many national and local publications for our accomplishments and expertise. Cablevision’s “Business to Business and Beyond” tagged us as the “Compbusters” for our expertise in Workers Compensation. We have appeared in The New York Times, LA Times, Chicago Sun Times, Bergen Record, Long Island Business News, Accounting Today, CFO Magazine, 201 Great Ideas For Your Small Business, Bloomberg News, and Good Day NY, just to mention a few. Richard S. Butwin, President & CEO of Butwin Insurance Group, is on the Board of Directors at Hanover Fire & Casualty Insurance Company. Our website provides more information and represents our firm well. Please visit www.butwin.com

Our 7 Divisions

BUTWINCOMMERCIAL – Leaders in their field down to small offices. 1 location to 100.
BUTWINCAPTIVES- Client ownership in a Captive Insurance Company.
BUTWINVIP- Personal Lines products & services geared to high net worth individuals.
BUTWINPERSONAL- Insuring homes, cars, jewelry and other possessions.
BUTWINLIFE&BENEFITS- Life Insurance, Estate Planning and Employee Benefits.
BUTWINDIRECT- Small business policies marketed directly over the internet.
BUTWINEXPANDEDMARKET- 2,000 salespeople of a national insurance company.

Our Facilities




Our Mission Statement

We want to be a company where: Every client feels we are the finest insurance professionals they have ever done business with and Every member of the firm feels this is the best job they have ever had.

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